Hoosier Doggy Grooming Services


Keeping your pup fresh and clean is an important part of overall pet health, just as it is for your own well-being. And a clean doggy is certainly a more pleasant companion! The ASPCA recommends dogs be bathed at least once every three months; more often if your dog is active or outside a lot. Dogs with long hair or oily skin will need more frequent attention, too. For most dogs, 6-8 weeks is the recommended time between appointments. Maintenance is the key. You can consult with our staff for advice on what works best for your dog. 

Hoosier Doggy offers baths, brush outs, ear cleaning and nail trims.

If you have any questions about pricing or services, please contact Hoosier Doggy. 

Bathing and Grooming



  • Small Dogs (0-15 pounds): $16.00
  • Medium Dogs (16-40 pounds): $23.00
  • Large Dogs: (over 40 pounds): $24.00

 Nail Trims 

  • $13.00; discounted to $8.00 if included with a bath

 Brush Out 

  • Dependent on coat condition 

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