Hoosier Doggy Daycare

Hoosier Doggy daycare is the perfect solution for pets whose owners work long hours, or for high energy pets that need a lot of playtime during the day. Instead of sitting at home alone, your pup can spend the day exploring all the amenities we have to offer! Spending the day at Hoosier Doggy relieves stress and the boredom that so often leads to destructive behavior. After all, a tired dog is a good dog.  

Our indoor and outdoor play areas let dogs run around and get their daily exercise while playing with other dogs of all types. Just like children’s daycare, doggy daycare lets you drop off your dog before work and pick them up after work, all while knowing they’re being well taken care of. We offer both half and full day sessions to meet your needs. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Hoosier Doggy.  


Daycare Rates

Service Cost Per Dog / Per Service
Half Day Daycare 1 Dog $ 18.00
Full Day Daycare 1 Dog $ 28.00
Half Day Daycare 2 Dogs $ 12.00
Full Day Daycare 2 Dogs $ 22.00
Half Day Daycare 3 or more Dogs $ 11.00
Full Day Daycare 3 or more Dogs $ 20.00
No Play (single dog in yard) ½ Day $ 1.00
No Play (single dog in yard) Full Day $ 2.00
Sibling Play Only ½ Day $1.00
Sibling Play Full Day $ 2.00
Bath w/ Daycare Small Dog (1-15 lbs) $ 14.00
Bath w/ Daycare Med Dog (16-40 lbs) $ 20.00
Bath w/ Daycare Large Dog (over 40 lbs) $ 22.00


Daycare Packages

  Full Day  Half Day
5 Visits for $135.00 $85.00
10 Visits for $244.00 $150.00
20 Visits for $460.00 $275.00
30 Visits for $615.00  $325.00
50 Visits for $850.00 $500.00

**Visits can be used at any time,  but are only good for daycare. 

**Fees are subject to change

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