We hear this question a lot.  Maybe this your first time you’ve boarded your dog or it’s just not something you do very often.

Well, the short answer is:  Not much.  There are a couple of essentials and a couple of optional items; that’s about it.

We highly recommend bringing whatever your dog is accustomed to eating at home.  Sudden changes in diet can be very upsetting to your dog’s digestion resulting in diarrhea and/or vomiting which in turn can leave your dog dehydrated.  It’s unpleasant for everyone, especially the dog.

Of course, you will need to provide any medications or supplements your dog requires.  Prescription drugs should be in the original container.  We can administer oral or topical medications but we cannot administer injections.

Your dog may appreciate a favorite blanket or other bedding from home. Anything you bring should be washable.  Fussy, elaborate beds do not fare well in this environment.  It’s more like a school playground here than a 5-star hotel.  Save the velvet bed with ribbons for another occasion.

You do not need to send dishes with your dog.  We have a large supply of stainless steel food and water dishes of all sizes.  Water bowls are washed as needed and food bowls are collected and washed after every meal.  Dishes from home are likely to get broken or mixed up with our bowls if stainless steel.  It’s best to use ours.

A favorite toy might be appreciated by your dog.  No rawhides, please.  Please make sure to only bring toys your dog can safely play with unsupervised.  Kongs and Nylabones are good choices for most dogs.  Rawhides, ropes and stuffed toys are not.  Toys are allowed in the individual Hospitality Suites only; no toys are allowed in the play areas.  Most dogs are very tired at the end of the day and go right to sleep.  So if you opt not to bring toys, your Doggy probably will not miss them.  Anything valuable or irreplaceable should be left at home.

If you have questions, please ask us.  We’re happy to advise.