Hoosier Doggy Grooming Services

Keeping your pup bathed and trimmed is an important part of overall pet health. The ASPCA recommends dogs be bathed once every three months, and more often if your dog is outside a lot. Or if your dog tends to be on the more stinky side, you can do monthly baths. As for grooming, it depends on the breed. Long-haired breeds will need to be groomed frequently, especially if hair is interfering with sight or other activities. For most breeds, 6-8 weeks is the recommended time between appointments. Maintenance is the key. You can consult with our groomers to find out what works best for your specific breed.

Hoosier Doggy offers full-service grooming to our boarding clients. Our groomers are experienced in creating the perfect cut for your pup. We offer full-service grooming to dogs of all breeds and sizes.

For same day service, we offer à la carte baths, brush outs, ear cleaning and nail trims. If your pup’s grooming needs are more extensive, such as a trim up or shave down, please contact Hoosier Groomer at 317-286-3139.

If you have any questions about pricing or services, please feel free to contact Hoosier Doggy.

Bathing and Grooming


  • Small Doggy Bath (1-15 pounds): $15.00
  • Medium Short-Haired Doggy (16-40 pounds): $20.00
  • Large Short-Haired Doggy: (41 pounds and up): $20.00
  • Medium Long-Haired Doggy (16-40 pounds): $22.00
  • Large Long-Haired Doggy (41 pounds and up): $22.00

Nail Trims

  • $10.00; discounted to $5.00 if included with a bath

Brush Out

  • Dependent on coat condition

*Full service grooming rates are quoted by the groomer. 

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